Who is not aware of the greatest English rock band, who ruled the hearts of people at the time of their peak and even now, when their music is 50 years old. The Beatles were active during 1960s. The band was formed in Liverpool in 1962, and comprise of 4 members. John Lennon, who works on rhythm guitar and also vocalist, Paul McCartney who plays bass guitar and also vocalist, George Harrison was the lead guitarist and Ringo Starr who play drums.


The band was formed by John Lennon on March 1957 and named it Blackjacks but they had to rename it to The Quarrymen as another local group was using the same name. Later Paul and George joined the group. The most interesting fact is all these guys were under 20years. They started playing in school and later renamed the band to The Beatles as a tribute to famous rock stars Buddy Holly and The Crickets. The group became famous by playing their music in local clubs and after doing international tours.

The two songs that become a milestone for their success were P.S I love You and Please Please Me that ruled the U.K chart busters and U.K Singles Chart in 1963, after its release. Later, the group made tours of many countries and their music numbers became hits world-wide.

They have the honor that they are included in some of the very few artists, whose music is not available free online until early 2000s


  1. I Want or wish  To Hold Your Hand (1968)

  2. Love Me Do

  3. P.S. I love You

  4. Please  me

  5. From Me to You

  6. She Loves You, this single broke all the records of popularity and broke the fastest sales of any music record in the UK at that time, when three-quarters of a million copies were sold in less than a month.

  7. Dizzy M. Lizzy

  8. Let It Be’

  9. Yesterday

  10. Rubber soul

“Please Me” ruled the charts for thirty weeks, and displaced by another album “With The Beatles” which held the top spot for another twenty-one weeks. The degree of their popularity can easily be estimated by the fact that when the band plan to do the tour of U.S.A in 1963, a crowd of almost 4000 fans came to airport to see-off the group, and almost an equal population welcomed them at J.F.K Airport. The first live US television performance”The Ed Sullivan Show” was watched by approximately 74 million viewers, that makes almost 40% of entire U.S. population. After America, the band conducted an international tour in June that comprised of thirty-two concerts in nineteen days at countries like Denmark, Hong Kong, Australia, the Netherlands and New Zealand, and each concert was a success.

The group later worked in films too, like “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help”. The Rolling Stone has included Rubber Stone in its magazine’s “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time” at number 5.

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Rock and roll is the popular music that originated in the Southern United States during the late 1940s. It is combination of African American blues, country, jazz , folk, electric blues, Chicago blues, boogie-woogie, rhythm and blues and gospel music as African American, Europeans and Americans living in the close proximity of Southern United States mixed their traditional music and gave birth to rock and roll. However this genre of music didn’t become famous until 1950. It is played with a wide variety of instruments like Electric guitar, drums, later bass guitar or string based guitar, optional piano and saxophone. Elvis Presley was a strong believer of the co-ordination of music with the body language and rock and roll is a type of music at which your body can’t stop moving at beats and rhythm of melody.


  1. Elvis Presley

  2. Carl Perkins

  3. Jerry L. Lewis

  4. Fats Domino

  5. Little Richard

  6. Buddy Holly

  7. The Big Bopper

  8. Ritchie Valens

  9. Chuck Berry

Rock and roll has a very rich history, it was evolved in 1950s, and with time many forms and variations originated from the original music, but each variant become a separate genre, a few examples are:

  1. Rockabilly that was played in 1950s by white singers, most famous songs of that time are, “That’s All Right (mama)”, “Rock Around The Clock”, “Heart Break Hotel”.

  2. Doo wop, which was a blend of harmony of multiple vocals with a background backing lyrics and very light use of musical instruments. Major hits “The Great Pretender”, “The Coasters” and “Yakety Yak” and most famous and successful bands of that era were The Crows, The Penguins, The El Dorados and The Turbans.

However in 1960s, the craze of rock and roll declined after the collapse of major singers and bands of that time in United States of America, but British singers help a great deal in preservation and revival of this genre.

On April 20th, 1983 the foundation of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was laid in Cleveland, Ohio after considering many cities of Unites States. Hall of Fame is a museum and complex devoted for preserving the memories and histories of greatest singers, bands, engineers and instruments players of rock and roll. Current President is Terry Stewart. The Hall of Fame has collected 500 songs that gave a new dimension to the rock and roll music genre from 1920 to 1990. The credit of most represented on the list goes to The Beatles, who has seven songs, followed by Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones with six songs each, and The Bob Dylan, beach boys, Led Zeppelin and Chuck Berry each have five.

Today rock and roll is a special class of music and still played in discos and parties. It has also introduced many dance styles like twist, funk, disco, house, techno, and hip hop and still on the roll of developing more.

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Chuck Berry

Charles Edward Anderson who is better known as Chuck Berry is an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter and is considered pioneer in rock and roll music. Chuck was born on October 18, 1926 at Missouri.

EARLY LIFE: Chuck spent his childhood in Missouri and his interest in music was evident from the very beginning. He gave his first performance at Sumner High School. Due to charges of armed robbery in the shops of Kansas City, he had to spend 3 years in prison. After sentence he get settled in his life and kept music as his part time hobby. He got a break in music industry in 1955, by his song Maybellene, which is considered as number 1 blockbuster hit and remain number 1 on Billboard’s Rhythm and Blues chart for a very long time. This was just the start of his brilliant career, after which he gave many hits and later established his own night club at St. Louis. He was later sentenced twice because of tax evasion and transporting under-aged girls across state lines. Despite this, his career has always been very progressive and he gave numerous hits one after other that’s only because he treated rock like a family, respected it like a father and nourished it like a son.


Chuck’s songs were

  1. Maybellene (1955)

  2. Roll O. Beethoven (1956)

  3. Rock and even Roll music (1957)

  4. Johnny B. Goode (1958)

  5. No  Particular or main Place To Go

  6. You can  Never Tell or you never can Tell

  7. Nadine

He has the honor to be included in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, on its opening in 1986, as a tribute to his services rendered to the music industry and to rock and roll in particular.


  1. I discovered a sound that people really liked or loved – I found this basic concept and the main thing  I did was really to change the lyrics and the melody a little bit. My songs, if you listen to them, they’re quite a lot alike, like Chuck Berry.

  2. If you tried or wish to give rock and roll another name, you may call it ‘Chuck Berry’. (John Lennon)

  3. In December 2004, six songs of Berry were included in the “Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”, which are
  • Johnny B. Goode (# 7)
  • Maybellene (# 18)
  • Roll O. Beethoven (# 97)
  • Roll & even Rock  Music (#128)

4.  In September 2003, He was ranked number 6 in the list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” by magazine.

5. Berry was given the rank of fifth, out of “The Immortals – The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time on March 2004,

6. In St. Louis, Walk of Fame, an 8 feet statue (2.4m) was built by donation of his fans. Berry attended the dedication ceremony that was held on July 29, 2011.

Today, name of Chuck Berry is known to entire world as the biggest contributor in rock and roll music.

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Live Poker Tips

When playing poker at the casino, a live poker player should look to enjoy themselves and have fun while chasing the big poker payday. When playing the poker machines for the day, it is important to remember a few “not so fun” things that will help you out during your day at the casino.

When you first sit down at your superpoker machine of choice, the first thing a poker player wants to do is clean their machine off. Just like any other surface, a poker machine attracts bacteria and germs. Unless we wear latex gloves, we are not going to be able to prevent ourselves from coming into contact with the poker machine. Thus, we want to ensure that our FullTilt poker machine is clean and germ free. It makes sense to wipe down the surface, the buttons, and the screen with a cloth that has disinfectant or sanitizer on it. This will help kill the bacteria and germs hanging out on the poker machine and will surely keep you healthy.

Additionally, when playing poker online at the casino, a player must pay attention to how they are sitting. When sitting at your poker machine of choice, one should demonstrate proper posture, as slouching will take its toll on your back. By sitting up straight and keeping your feet on the ground, you will take care of your back, so that you can carry out your loot if you hit the big jackpot. Along the same lines, a poker player does not want to sit too close to the machine, nor do they want to sit too far away from it. Sitting too far away from the poker game will cause a player to squint and strain their eyes. Instead, sit down in the chair, keep your feet flat on the ground and sit up straight. This will help you maintain correct posture and keep your eyes from straining.

Finally, because the average poker player pushes and pushes the buttons, they should take time to stretch. Going through the same motion repeatedly can lead to conditions such as Carpel tunnel syndrome. To reduce the risk of getting Carpel tunnel from playing poker at FullTiltPoker download, a player is best served doing stretching exercises from time to time. A great time to stretch and exercise your wrists would be when the poker machine is “singing” during a nice payout. Take a few moments to stretch the muscles in your wrists so that they do not become stiff. By taking care of yourself when playing poker machines, you can have a great time and reduce undue stress caused by poor posture, strained eyes, and tight wrists, as well as stay healthy.

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Turbo Sit and Go Poker Guide

Turbo sit and go tournaments are very popular and you can play them on most of the major online poker rooms such as PKR in a wide variety of stakes. Turbo sit and go tournaments allow you to play poker tournaments a lot quicker then playing regular tournaments which means if you’re winning, you’re winning more. The difference between turbo sit and go tournaments and regular sit and go tournaments is the blind structure which moves up a lot faster when you’re playing turbo tournaments.

With the fast paced action on the turbo tournament tables you need to be prepared to play poker without any distractions. The blinds go up every five minutes in turbo tournaments so you don’t have as much time to sit and wait for a big hand. A lot of the other opponents in these tournaments will also be playing loosely which means you should be able to catch one of them early on with a good hand.

You don’t even need a monster hand in the early stages of the full tilt poker tournament to have a chance at winning the hand due to the fact most players will be playing marginal hands. If you wait for only the monster hands then you’re better off playing regular sit and go tournaments because you can hang around longer due to the blinds not going up as quickly. Turbo sit and go tournaments are designed for loose and aggressive players looking for action.

There is going to be more luck involved when you play in these tournaments though and you need to keep this in mind. Since most of the big hands will have the chips in the pot preflop you’re going to need to hope your hand holds up and wins. If you don’t like risking your chips preflop then again I suggest you should stick with regular sit and go tournaments.

You need to be ready at any time to throw your chips into the pot on when you’re playing turbo tournaments and the reason is because you don’t have much time. Most turbo sit and go tournaments take anywhere from twenty to sixty minutes which isn’t that long. With the blinds going up every five minutes they will be extremely high after the first thirty minutes and this forces a lot of all-in hands preflop.

In order to be consistent at turbo sit and go tournaments on you need to only play your monster hands and your marginal hands. Any monster hands should be played, and marginal hands like suited connectors and such should be played as well. When you do play hands you need to play them aggressively and you should never be flat calling any hands unless you’re last to act. The trouble with flat calling in any other position is that you run the risk of an opponent raising your bet and thus leaving you in an awkward position with calling or not. Don’t allow yourself to get into these situations by raising the pots you play yourself thus putting the pressure on your opponents to make there move.

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Texas Holdem Cash Game Tips

Texas Holdem is an excellent poker game which thousands of people play every single day in casinos, poker clubs and online poker rooms. Cash games are the most popular way of playing Texas Holdem and you can win a lot of money if you’re good. We’re going to look at some tips that you can use to help you out when playing cash games.

* When you’re playing cash games on you need to be a tight poker player and not waste money on hands you shouldn’t play. You need to play only your best hands for the most part and throw in a few small calls with suited connectors and such so you don’t become predictable. Loose players in cash games might win a few pots in a row, but eventually they usually end up losing there entire stack at one point or another during the session.

* When you have a hand that you want to play you should generally raise the pot preflop so that you don’t need to worry about bad hands limping into the pot. If you allow bad hands to limp into the pot and the flop comes out with all low cards then your suited K/Q isn’t looking so good anymore. The hands you want to play should always be played strongly so you have an idea what your opponents have if they make the call.

* Position is really important in cash games on because you never know what another opponent is going to do. When you’re in an early position you should really be raising the pot or folding your hand preflop. When in late position you have the choice usually between raising, calling or folding and calling isn’t a bad option in late position with a marginal hand since the likelihood of being raised by someone left to act is slim.

* Low pocket pairs can kill you in cash games if you fall in love with them and you should make sure that you keep this in mind. If you get raised big and you’re holding a low pocket pair I suggest just folding. Your only option typically is to hit trips on the board, but the likelihood of that happening isn’t in your favour and you shouldn’t chase it unless you can chase for cheap.

* Chasing draws is sometimes a smart move when it hits, but it doesn’t hit more often so pick and choose the spots when you chase your draws. If you can chase a high flush or straight for fairly cheap then obviously it’s worth it, but if you’re facing a big bet or an all-in bet then you have a big decision as to whether or not you should call the opponent.

Cash games are very exciting and there is more to be won then playing in PokerStar tournaments, but you can also lose a lot more as well if you make to many mistakes. Make sure if you become a cash game pro that you trademark your name and brand so that others can’t take advantage of you. We recommend speaking to a Trademark Lawyer when you start getting big to see how you can trademark your own brand name. You need to limit the mistakes you make when you’re playing cash games and you’ll do just fine.

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PokerStar Pot Limit Omaha Tips

Pot limit Omaha is an excellent poker game featured on and more and more

people have started to play this game online in the online poker rooms. Not every online

poker room has Omaha, but most of them do so you should have lots of options when looking

for your poker room. Omaha is a lot more fun then most poker games because you have a lot

more options to hit a monster hand, but if you play to loosely then you’re going to end

up losing your stack. We’re going to go through some tips that you can utilize when you’

re playing pot limit Omaha next.

* A lot of people chase hands when playing limit poker and although pot limit can still

get pretty expensive you’ll still find some chasers. You need to make sure that when you

have a hand you bet it so that you don’t allow draws into the pot. Often when you allow

draws into the pot for cheap they will end up hitting there draw and costing you a lot of


* Since every poker star player gets four cards dealt to them and they also get to use the five board

cards this means every player has nine cards to make the best five card hand. This allows

for a lot of options and usually the winning hand is a pretty big hand. You won’t see

pairs or even two pairs winning pots in Omaha very often so don’t bet them like you’re

winning the pot. You should be looking for full houses, straights, flushes and anything

better when you’re playing Omaha.

* You can only use two cards from your hand and three cards from the board when you’re

playing Omaha so you also should keep this in mind. If you’re dealt three of a kind then

you should fold because you can’t use all three in your hand and you don’t have many

options to improve your hand. The same goes if you’re dealt four of the same suit on, simply because the chance of hitting a flush when you already have 4 of

the same suit is slim.

* Omaha Holdem is typically a lot looser poker game then any of the other poker games played online so you

shouldn’t be worried about lots of players calling hands. Most people only see the

options they have and therefore call down to the river trying to hit there draw. Make

sure if you already have a made hand that you make it the highest possible bet to limit

how many draws will chase to the river.

* You should limit raising preflop in Omaha as well because

any hand could win before the flop and a raise won’t scare many people. When you raise it

actually gives away that you probably have big cards so if low cards come out on the flop

you’ll usually see someone bet big in front of you since they know you didn’t hit. If you

want to try and bluff the pot the best chance you’ll have at doing so is after the flop.

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